Tuesday, November 27, 2018

October "63 Expose" Art Show

On October this year I had my first large show of 63 pieces of acrylic art. The location was at the "Wicked Wort" micro brewery in Robbinsdale where refreshments and food were served along with music, videos, lively conversation and of course the two series of original art featured. The series were "The North" featuring boundary water pieces and "The Farm" featuring midwest rural scenes.

The setting was absolutely perfect and was well very attended.  The lower level space where the event was set up was exclusive and large enough for people to walk, step back, converse and really
view the art in a setting that was stunning and lit perfectly. We hope to have another Spring event at the same location. Times and dates of the Spring event are being firmed up now. Watch your email.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Flying Into The Light

This is a recent donated piece that I really enjoyed creating. There is something about an eagle flying at full speed with eyes fixed straight ahead that makes you do a double take. The clouds, shadows and eagles colors all combine to give the image the power and majesty the nations symbol deserves.

Boundary Water Reflections

This is another Boundary Waters piece that includes an interaction with a young lady, Monarch butterfly and water /sky reflections. What is real and what is a reflection all come to bear with this new acrylic painting. The painting is 36"x30" and will be included in my Spring show.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Lake Maidens

This image depicts a young woman watching soaking in the view from the best spot on the lake and that is actually in the lake somewhere in the Northern Minnesota boundary waters. If you look carefully there is more than one person in this image.  

This young woman has just taken notice that she is not alone on the lake and she stops and tries to focus her eyes on something but she is not quite sure if it is really there.  For a hint the title of this painting is "Lake Maiden's" for a reason.

The magic of the boundary waters colors early or late in the day are really magical and I was trying to capture that unique combination of light and reflections that sometimes trick your eyes into seeing things that may or may not be there.

This 48" x 38" original acrylic painting was a lot of fun to do. Prints are available now.

I See You

It's near the end of July and the corn is well above knee high. This acrylic painting is titled "I See You" and measures 30" wide by 36" high. This little girl is looking up trying to see above the corn crop surrounding her. It could be a soaring hawk or maybe something taking shape in the clouds.

With this painting I wanted to bring a smile and a bright sunny day every time this painting is viewed at any time of the year. Prints of this image are available.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Winters Edge

This painting was a concept started watching a fox "dance" in the snow.  Of course the fox was listening and jumping on a mouse dinner somewhere under the snow. It was fun to watch how high he would jump trying to catch his prey. As this painting shows this little  fox is about to jump much higher and be as surprised as much as the mouse he was after very soon. This was a fun painting and story to tell. This original acrylic painting measures a little over three and half feet by 35". Prints will be availablesoon.

Boundary Waters Trader

This is one of the largest paintings I have every done. Close to five foot wide it features vivid colors and a story to tell. This was based on an earlier smaller version and I wanted to recreate it on a larger scale. It makes it easier to add more detail which is of course something I really like to do. Prints will soon be available for this piece.