Friday, November 10, 2017

Yes Or No

A summer time piece that features a contemplation of water and reflections. This piece measures 30" x 44" and is an acrylic. The colors are meant to sooth and calm the spirit, just like a sunny summer day

Texas Flags

Texas flags represented here are 2'x2' acrylics on canvas. Both feature icons represented only by Texas. The bottom one is the Alamo Flag that featured the year 1824 in it's center.

Indiana Flag

Part of the ongoing state flag series this 2'x2' combination of visuals of the "Hoosier" state flag was just recently finished. 

Brand Dimensional Work

Brand identifications always look dramatic when sculpted and hung on a wall. These are samples of recent work produced and when lit correctly add a total new dimension to a wall and space to be viewed.


I thought I would post a few pieces of work other than paintings. Dimensional work is a nice diversion for me and can be a lot of fun especially when you see the final results. The Marilyn piece shown here measures 4"x4". The raptor bones piece measures 24"x32". The phone piece measures 12"x16". 

Monday, July 31, 2017

2017 Make A Wish Minnesota

I so enjoy working with the "Make A Wish Foundation" and this year was no exception. I had the opportunity to work with a very talented artist for the work shown here and we had a lot of fun creating it for the Minnesota Make A Wish Gala Ball where it was auctioned off.  

Keep It Lit

This is just a fun piece. The colors are what I really enjoy in this painting while the symbolism is rampant in this painting it is just one of those pieces that is fun to look at.

Hitting The Road

This is part of the "Farm Series" and features a glancing look backward before hitting the road on a beautiful summer afternoon in the farmland. I love these old farm trucks and how they keep looking better with every dent, dings, and fading paint they acquire.

Crawl 4 The Cure

This piece was created to be auctioned to help victims of  Muscular Distrophy. It  features the founder of the "Crawl 4 the Cure" who passed away earlier this year, thats big John in the jeep and in the sky. This artwork was auctioned off at this summers big event held in Gilbert Minnesota and was very well attended by jeep enthusiasts. To everyone who remembers "John" they also of course remember his jeep that is featured prominently in this artwork, a really nice jeep that he worked very hard to be able to handle any up north terrain. What a great organization and event. It was an honor to paint this piece so the money that was raised will help people going through some really rough times. 

Fish Portraits

Here are more of the fish portraits that are part if the series where I earlier posted the "Bass Portrait". These are small 12"x12" originals but the small size makes it easy to hang on a wall in an interesting layout. Fun series to paint and great for a cabin or a den. Prints are available.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Fish Head

This is part of a new series of 12"x12" fish heads I just completed. I am sure that this will go in the cabin and hunting sections of "Berger Fine Arts" website. I will post more but like this little bass they are all game fish and are set on a black background to ensure the natural colors of each species pops off the canvas.

Farm Sonata

Anyone who has grown up on the farm can relate to this visual. This girl has found a feather on a hot summer day and believes that she is leading the orchestra of sounds that surround her. You can almost hear the wind, birds, rustling of grasses and trees on a glorious midwest day. This is one of the newer pieces of the farm series.

Waiting for Next Season

This piece shows a weather front somewhere in the midwest United States. The colors are meant to be somewhat haunting. A weathered wicker chair has long stopped rocking but still commands the best view of the remaining barn the only out building left of the farm that was once there. This is the newest piece of the "Farm Series".