Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lonely Wolf In The Boundary Waters

Just finished a new piece for the Boundary Waters Series. This art has a wolf calling out to friends before nightfall. If you have been in the boundary waters you have seen this sky and heard the calls while settling down at your campsite. Always reminds you of how special the place is. The original size of this painting measures 36"x 32" and will be available soon in the "Boundary Waters"  and "Cabin Art" sections of the Berger Fine Arts web site. 

Spirit On The Farm

I wanted to do another ghost of the prairie piece but thought I could incorporate the farm into a piece to go with the farm series. This painting highlights a young girl going about her morning chores. When I come up to these old homesteads I always wonder what happened to the families that occupied these places. I may do a few more like this. This painting ( which did not reproduce very well here) will be for sale in the "Farm Series" soon on the Berger Fine Arts web page.