Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Loon Cafe Minneapolis

Downtown sporting events in Minneapolis should always feature a visit to the Loon Cafe. I have enjoyed the Loon's unique atmosphere for years.

In painting this piece I wanted to convey the down home atmosphere of the cafe but most important I wanted to add a bit of intrigue to the painting. I have met celebrities, professional athletes and a variety of very interesting "B" bit players at the loon and enjoyed some great conversations and beers with all of them over the years.

That is why the woman at the front door in the cowboy hat is important. She seems to sum up the Loon's atmosphere. Because you never know who you will meet at the loon it was important for her to be looking back over her shoulder with that look of "y'all come on in". I have some great memories and great times with friend at this Minneapolis downtown landmark and this was a fun painting to do.

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The FIne Line Painting

The Fine Line over the years has had some of the best live music performances in the Twin Cities. Because of the venues played at the Fine Line it was difficult to visually depict a category of music played there.

I started this painting with sketches of a painting with musical instruments in it but struggled with who or what to be included in the painting that would signify all the different kinds of music played at the Fine Line.

I ended up with this painting. A view of the outside of the Fine Line featuring their logo was a natural and adding a young woman dressed creatively suggesting that she is a talent but what kind of musician is she a singer, bass player, drummer? Who knows?

Finally adding a very happy romping dog carrying a tune in its head seemed to fit the message I was trying to convey. I do not know what tune it is but I suppose it would vary to the personality of the dog. Thus the paintings title "Everyone Runs To A Different Tune" seems to wrap up the visual in a nice package.

Signed Giclee Prints of this 9"x22.5" painting are available on canvas for $150.00To order contact: