Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blonde Looking

Here is a reverse portrait. The challenge was painting someone from behind and make it look interesting. The soft choice of colors combined with the stark detail of the blonde hair became a very striking picture and one that can goe in almost any room if your blonde.

Potrait of Beverly

It has been a while since I painted so many portraits and this is just another to show another style of painting. Unlike past portraits and posts this one is a little softer in tone, reflecting a quiet but steely look. These are really fun to do.

Western Iowa Bridge

Here is another bridge close to Winterset. Beautiful setting for this in early Fall. I have a few more bridges on the board from Madison county and will post as soon as I get the time to finish them. At least now that I have them started it is fun to review the bridges and their construction as well as the time spent in western Iowa painting them. Truly a beautiful part of the country at any time of the year.

Covered Bridge In Winterset Iowa

This is a recent landscape painting I did from watercolors I painted dating back to the late 1970's from Winterset Iowa. I spent three days traveling about western Iowa painting the covered bridges in the area. Wonderful place and wonderful time.

Jack Jablonski Portrait

After I saw what happened to this young man I was compelled to do something for the family. I painted this to help show visually that Jack as well as the whole family is in Gods embrace, always. I hope it helps them as they go through the rehab process.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Twilight On The Plains

I classify this as Western art but some may call it more landscape art. Either way it depicts a time and a way of life that has passed on. The colors here do not reflect very well from the original piece.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Governor Mark Dayton Portrait

As promised here is the second famous Minnesotan portrait. Governor Dayton. I painted Governor Dayton in a non traditional pose because I believe he is definitely not a traditional politician. He seems to be a genuinely nice man who cares for other people. So the gentle smile and downward look I think helps to capture his spirit.

I was a little upset when I heard that the previous Minnesota Governor had an artist from another state do his official portrait that hangs in the state capital building. I am sure there are plenty of Minnesota portrait artists that would have loved the opportunity to do the work for him. Better to source it out I guess.

At any rate this gives you a pretty good idea of where I would go with the subject matter.

Senator Al Franken Portrait

After the holiday I did quite a few portraits and forgot how much I enjoy doing them. I will post a couple today of famous Minnesotans so that people can recognize who they are. This one of Senator Franken is purposely painted without any of the political props that come with his name since becoming a senator. I like to keep it uncluttered and to the point. Senator Franken has a unique smile and look and and definitely has a lot of hair to work with.