Saturday, June 11, 2022

Two Cuties
This is a combination pencil, ink drawing for a couple in Chicago. I worked from a variety of images sent via email and this is what I came up for a final. I wanted the overall feeling to be worm and loving and the blending of soft tones and even lighting helps create that effect. How can you not look at this and not smile. Fun art to produce. 

Last swim in lost lake

This is 36" x46" acrylic painting that studies different textures and light reflections. I chose a soft pallet of colors to help highlight texture differences between skin, hair, grass, and evening light and to set an overall mood.  Prints will be available soon of this painting.


The ending of the school year means another sketchbook finished. During the course of the year I capture ideas, thoughts, different techniques and just fun interesting stuff that catches my eye that day to be used in lesson starters that I teach.  It's fun to keep a sketchbook because it kind of details the years, I have a lot of and it's always fun to begin a new one. The above is a sampling of pages from my advanced placement class sketchbook. 

 Landscape study

This was a landscape study I did for a class but I would like to use it for reference for a larger painting I would like to do. I think it needs to be horizontally stretched and the colors softened, looking for a very warm sunny day feeling,  It's a start anyway hopefully finish it later this summer.

Leaving Clinton
This is the final revised version of this acrylic painting. the colors are a little more striking now and the contrast has been heightened. This 1955 version of the Clinton depot including the luxury train "City of Denver" was a fun painting to do. The whole area around the depot has changed and of course the train engine has long been gone. I think I got the feeling I wanted.


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Destination show at St. Ambrose college is history but the podcast question and answer sessions lives on. This show was a lot of fun and this conversation at the gallery reception stirred a lot of really nice memories. The link is listed below if you choose to listen about my process and thoughts on why I produce the art that I do.

Two new landscapes Studies

 These two acrylic landscapes were demonstrations  for a a class I recently did demonstrating foreground and background examples. ome day I will finish these two 12"x12" pieces and the other three laying about that would go with the series.