Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Spring Veil

 This recent 30"x46" acrylic painting features a late afternoon chore on the farm. I wanted to do some experimenting with light and shadow and see how much "soft" detail I can add without affecting the overall tones of the shadows and light in the finished visual. This piece will be added to the "Farm Series" and is titled "Spring Veil".  Prints are now available.

Award Dinner

This past fall I was recently honored by the university of St. Ambrose arts and sciences as a a distinguished alumnus. Family members and old friends joined me to enjoy a wonderful dinner and Presentation by the University's new president and staff. Included were a lot laughter and reminiscing with friends in attendance. It was very humbling to receive such an honor from the place where my interest in art was refined and developed. A day does not go by where I do not remember my days at Ambrose and the incredible people that made my journey into the field of art possible. That includes teachers, friends and family that along the way were instrumental in encouraging me to continue learning and growing. A big thank you to everyone that I have met while attending Ambrose. There is a little bit of everyone I have met in me and I hope there is a little bit of me in all of you. 


Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Ice Queen

This surreal painting welcomes winter, it is titled "Ice Queen Crossing Over".  Every now and then I like to do a painting that incorporates a lot of things that would not necessarily go together. The piece measure 36"x 30". and is an acrylic on canvas, stretched over a 2x2 wood frame. It is for sale so if interested please contact me to discuss.


Sunday, November 13, 2022


I was having lunch recently and one of my legendary restaurant prints of "Sporty's" bar and grill was hanging on the wall. This little guy was pointing at all the interesting things going on in the art. It was just a lot of fun to watch him point out different things. Made my day because it drew him into the painting just like I want my art to do.


Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Neon Dreams


This commissioned painting  is the first  acrylic  that I combined a neon sign  in a shadow box used as  a frame. The end result is a really neat look that I would like to do in some new art that I am creating now. Dramatic look for art when placed on a wall with the right lighting.

Sunday, August 7, 2022


Eyes Only For You

This painting was just a fun summer themed painting. I was thinking about the state fairs that soon will be starting all over in the midwest and I wanted to paint some cows but I did not want to paint them in pens at the fair surrounded by people.  The idea I came up with was  to show a reflection in sunglasses from a fairgoers perspective with a cow looking at them. I may title this 36"x36" acrylic "Cow Eyes" but will have to decide at some point later. 


Bonnie Raitt was in town for a concert and of course it was fantastic. I have been a fan of her music for a long time and she keeps making great music that tells a story. I saw her at the Minnesota state fair years ago and she still seems to have the edge for producing outstanding concerts. This artwork is seven foot tall by 32" wide all acrylic. 

Because Bonnie screams Nashville to me the artwork of course had to feature the Nashville neon connection. I still have some work to do to the neon in this piece but its getting close to being done. Prints are available of this piece this week.