Wednesday, December 9, 2020

 After this exhausting election year I was trying to come up with an image that exemplifies the way the average American feels in a single image. I think all Americans can relate on the state of our politics right now and our feelings on where we are at with this image. Prints of this acrylic are now available as well as the original piece.











This new acrylic painting is part of the rock & roll series that has been in process for the past year. One of my favorites Prince knew how to put on a spectacular show and hit the notes when they needed to be hit just right. Electric performances every time he was on stage sure do miss him.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Lace and Grace












A pair of gracefull hands in the grass with lace patterns all over the image. Clothing, grass and butterfly wings. This is a 36x 36" acrylic painting. With winter coming on its nice to thinks about carefree summer days.

Covid Business












During this time of social distancing this image reduces what the new normal for business meetings has come to. Isolated, distant and alone. This is an acrylic painting that measures 36" x 40".

Thursday, August 20, 2020


This acrylic piece is a little over 3'x 4' so it is one of the larger works I have created lately. I wanted to do an abstract look and feel using corn and sky as visual patterns. As usual I continued to develop the idea and this painting of someone lost in the moment on clear blue October day somewhere in a cornfield is the end result. There is something else though  in this image that a true "Hawkeye" will find.

Book Cover

Recent book cover that I am working on. This is a first rough so type placement and art have yet to be finished but it has been a while since I have had the opportunity to do some art for a publisher. Fun project for creative ideas.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Sunrset Coffee On The Farm

A beautiful ending to a summer day watching the earth slow down while you sip it all in including the last bit of coffee from your thermos. There is nothing in the world as magical as watching a sunset on the farm. Colors and sounds seem to swallow you up in their beauty. This 34"x34" acrylic painting is part of the "Farm Series" of images and is now for sale.

Gravel Road Contemplation

This new piece includes a young man deep in thought  an iconic 1964 Chevy Impala. If you grew up in a small town hitting the gravels is a term you know well. In this painting I was trying to capture a summer day and a young man contemplating outside of his car. Notice the trunk is ajar and the road ahead of him is straight and clear with blue skies overhead. I leave it up to the viewer to add up the clues on what is being represented here in this image. I love 64 Chevy Impalas.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Springtime Getaway

Summer is on its way and this piece is all bout a good book and getting away. I think everyone can get lost in a good book under a tree with just the right amount of sun and shade with a comfortable carpet of summer grass to cushion the ground. How good is that. This 50"x28" acrylic painting will be part of the farm series.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Plains Drifter

A new piece of art that started out as part of a series that I have done over the years on American Indians living in the upper Midwest in the late 1860's. Nice change of pace for me but it still combines a lot of similar visuals as my farm series of work. Much smaller work also, this original acrylic measures roughly 7x8".

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Jimi Hendrix Painting

This painting featuring Jimi Hendrix and two of his quotes is one of the larger acrylic paintings I have ever created. It stands over 6' tall by 36" wide. This is part of the new series I am creating of Rock and Roll legends. The first was John Lennon previously posted here. For me the line "Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky" fits the transcendental nature of Jimi's music and if you look at this painting you almost know the note and the song that this visual I created captures. I look forward to creating more of this series when time allows.

Family Crest

This is the first family crest request I have ever put together for a client. The family had gone and done the research with records they discovered dated back to the 1400's on what elements were included on their family crest. Also supplied to me were the specifics needed for me to recreate an accurate reproduction. These specifics include the three gold buttons on arms with sleeves of blue sitting atop the crest. Also the shield itself must feature a field of blue with stag antlers displayed on top in gold. All these elements combined created this unique image. This was a fun project to work on.