Friday, July 11, 2014

Jumping Weeds

Green grass and bare feet can only mean one thing, summer. In this piece I wanted to get a different perspective of enjoying a hot summer day. I think every person who enjoys the outdoors can relate to the feeling of grass on bare feet and clear blue skies. I think summer must be both interesting and terrifying from an ants view point.

10x14 Signed prints of this painting are now available as part of the farm series on my website.

Into The Blue

There use to be a high school here but all that is left are these steps leading up to the now nonexistent front door. The stories these steps could tell. I think it is appropriate that they remain though the school is long gone. The building could never retain all the memories that were once housed there. Up the steps into the door and out into the blue. Makes you wonder where all the students ended up.