Thursday, July 28, 2011

JD Hoyt's Restaurant Minneapolis Painting

I just finished this painting of "JD Hoyt's" which is another longtime favorite restaurant of mine located on Washington Avenue in the warehouse district in Minneapolis. You can be casual, formal or whatever it really does not matter the atmosphere here is definitely fun and the people watching is as good as the food is great. I have two versions of this painting and this is the one that won being finished.

What exactly is this painting trying to convey? Maybe a nod, a wink, a subtle look but most assuredly a lot more substance behind the quiet demeanor. Thats the best I can do for a description . All I know is that I like the way this painting turned out someday I may finish the other one.

This paintings original size is 22"x24" and 22"x22" signed Giclee prints on canvas are available for $175.00 each. Leave me your contact information at: if you are interested in purchasing.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nyes Polynaise Room

A new legendary local bar/restaurant painting I just finished. Nye's is a favorite for locals in Minneapolis looking for some unique atmosphere and believe me Nye's has plenty.

When visiting Nye's you are never quite sure what form of entertainment will assault your eyes and ears next. For years Nye's Polynaise room has been just a fun place to have few drinks and enjoy some fantastic local "Nordeast" food.

The question I am getting most from people who have seen this painting is what's happening in this painting? That is for you the viewer to decide. I know what emotion I wanted to convey by painting this piece and that was to get you the viewer to say just that. "What just happened in this picture"? You decide, I think depending on your emotional state it will vary each time you view this painting. That is what makes this painting so much fun, its a story waiting to be told by you.

If you visit Nye's remember customers usually ask themselves the same question when they leave, "what just happened in there?" That pretty well sums up the paintings meaning to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as it was for me to paint.

The original painting measures 18"x29". Limited edition prints for a $125.00 are available by contacting me at:

Logo Art

This is a recent piece of work I did for a local CPA firm. Numbers falling to the bottom line. They have a really nice new office and needed some original art on the walls. Fun to do and great people. If you are interested in custom art work for your office please email me and let me know what you need and I will turn a unique custom piece for you.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Murray's Restaurant In Minneapolis Painting

Murray's is home of the famous "Butter Knife Steak". Another painting in the local bar restaurant series that features a legendary steak and meeting place in downtown Minneapolis. Of course I tried to add a bit of sophistication with an outside night view, fun with the glamourous young woman smoking a cigar, notice she is wearing a mans white shirt and finally the chrome signage. The chrome was probably the most challenging part of this painting for me. I know I will hear some feedback that I forgot the "S" in Murray's but from the perspective that this painting was created it just did not look right. Prints of this painting are available now. The original measures 32" x25"

If you would like a 22 x 22" canvas Giclee print of this painting for $175.00 email me at: Be sure to leave your contact information.

Glueks Bar & Restaurant

This is a new painting in my series of local restaraunts that have been very popular to local collectors. The original painting measures 32"x16" and prints are being made that measure 10"x22". Glueks has a German heritage theme and that is why the accessories in the artwork created feature things German. Each featured local landmark has it's own aura about it and this is what I came up for Glueks.

If you are interested in a 10"x22" limnited edition print of this painting it is available on canvas and signed and dated. The cost is 150.00. Email me at: steve@bergerfinearts and leave your contact information so I can expedite your order.