Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Minnesota Twins Country

I had to do this one just for fun. This is not the finished painting but you get the general idea. The image is roughly 26" x 20" and it combines some fun imagery. Like I said in the previous post it is fun to be painting sports again. I hope it shows.

Twins Opening Day Poster

This is a new painting I recently did to celebrate the opening day of the Twins home opener at their new stadium Target Field.

If you notice this year the Twins have three logos in their marketing mix. The circular one shown on the left in the painting is celebrating fifty years of baseball in the Twin Cities. The smaller one in the upper right is celebrating the opening of Target Field. The one in the lower left is the new signage that is in center field of Target Field that shows the twin city dudes shaking hands. And lastly in the bottom right is the original Twins Cities logo. Putting a local Minneapolis hero Joe Mauer in front of the whole bunch is only right. The Twins should be fun to watch this year.

This Giclee print is for sale for $75.00. Email me at steve@bergerfinearts.com. or leave a comment that you are interested with your contact information.

It is actually a lot of fun painting sports figures and events again mostly because I think it has been so long since I painted them. In the early eighties I did a lot of stuff for Viking players and every now and then I will see one of the old guys and say hi to them. Wes Hamilton who was an offensive guard at the time and is still local and has a painting of mine as well as defensive tackle Mark Mullaney. I saw Carl Eller the other day too. There were a few of them. I still have a Fran Tarkenton original that Fran signed. There were some real charachters in the day.