Friday, November 10, 2017

Yes Or No

A summer time piece that features a contemplation of water and reflections. This piece measures 30" x 44" and is an acrylic. The colors are meant to sooth and calm the spirit, just like a sunny summer day

Texas Flags

Texas flags represented here are 2'x2' acrylics on canvas. Both feature icons represented only by Texas. The bottom one is the Alamo Flag that featured the year 1824 in it's center.

Indiana Flag

Part of the ongoing state flag series this 2'x2' combination of visuals of the "Hoosier" state flag was just recently finished. 

Brand Dimensional Work

Brand identifications always look dramatic when sculpted and hung on a wall. These are samples of recent work produced and when lit correctly add a total new dimension to a wall and space to be viewed.


I thought I would post a few pieces of work other than paintings. Dimensional work is a nice diversion for me and can be a lot of fun especially when you see the final results. The Marilyn piece shown here measures 4"x4". The raptor bones piece measures 24"x32". The phone piece measures 12"x16".