Friday, February 25, 2011

Chevrolet Hiding by Garage

For a change of pace here is a landmark piece that was fun to paint that combines a little architectural history and automobile nostalgia.

Old cars are getting harder to find as well as the infrastructure that was built to serve them throughout the 40's and 60's. I was old enough to remember Phillips 66 gas stations and if you drive through Iowa and Minnesota you cans still find buildings that represent the brand that was called "Phillips". As far as 1962 Chevy's go my brother had one and I always loved that big boat style. Cars built today are getting farther and farther removed from the dinosaurs that use to roam the highways in the early 1950's and 70's. Too bad, I still love the look (and the sound) of the old cars rather than the new cars. The cars of today seem to lack any real definable individual style characteristics. This painting is not quite done but I wanted to post it. If you are interested in a print email me at:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

JFK Portrait Painting

Here is the color version of JFK painting that was done mid summer of last year. It has quite a different look than the previous monochrome earlier JFK painting.

Now that I have finished the Reagan painting (see below) I will need at least two other presidents to finish the "President Series". I have the third drawing on my table now and is being painted as I write this entry. I needed more coffee and a break.I may have to have five or six presidents in this series so watch here as I continue to paint. Someday I have to get back to state flags again. So much to paint so little time.

If you are interested in this print titled "JFK "Go Ahead Call Me A Liberal" please note it is a bigger size than most prints I do at 14"x20" but it does have quite an impact when you walk into a room, very dramatic.

Prints of this signed limited edition series will be priced at $150.00. Email me at: and leave your contact information if you are interested in a print.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ronald Reagan Portrait for Sale

Reagan would be 100 years old this year so to celebrate here is a painting of the president.

The original measures 13"x20" and is available for sale. Signed prints of this 9" x 14" painting are $170.00 each.

If interested I will offer free shipping with purchase, contact.: to arrange payment. Be sure you leave your contact information.

Yankee Slugger Painting

Baseball season is almost here and I have been in the mood for some baseball so here is the first Baseball painting of the year for 2011.

For you Yankee fans here you go. This orignal is 21" high by 14" wide. You can buy the original for $3,500.00 or an 11x17" print for $90.00 with free shipping.

Contact: if you are interested in either./