Friday, March 23, 2012

William "The Conqueror" Cat

This cat has so much attitude it deserves to have a portrait done of it. Like all kings there are usually oblivious of the obvious. This painting can be found on my website "" look under the car portraits. You can order signed prints there if you like it.

Everythings's Kosher

This was just a fun painting to do. Something off the track a little bit. After a few landscapes it is nice to venture off and do something totally different. This painting is categorized as a portrait and will join the other portraits on my website "" look under the portrait button so you can order signed prints of this limited edition painting.

Chevy 283 Engine Art

The finest car engine Chevy ever made. That is my personal opinion. The small block was the beginning of all the engines that were legends of the Seventies. This is another car icon that will join the rest on my website "" look under the car icons.You can order signed prints there.