Friday, February 22, 2019

Turtle In a Bottle

This image started as an idea to show how pollution is impacting our environment in different ways at different levels. There is a reason the plastic bottle has a brand name on it and a turtle is positioned in two different environments.  A box turtle native to the mid-west does not live near oceans and does not live in a plastic bubble floating out on the sea.

Creek in Spring

Waiting for Spring in the upper midwest has thawing ice remnants of snow and animals that have been hard to see all year start showing up near water. This acrylic painting shows all the changing seasons signs. There is just enough color patiently waiting for the splashes of colors to come when the thaw is complete. Summer is not far off.


A new acrylic painting featuring a bird familiar in the Midwest. The colors of the bird and the background highlight fall brilliance in late September in the heartland. Prints are now available of this 7x10 image.