Thursday, December 8, 2011

Britt's Pub In Minneapolis

Britt's Pub in downtown Minneapolis is a great place to kick back and have a cool one. Around the holidays its perfect for a good warm up before going next door to listen to the Minnesota Orchestra. A great eclectic mix of patrons and just a fun place to go. Which brings me to the subject matter in this painting. Though it wss fun doing reflections in the windows in the process I wanted something "English" and I did not want to paint someone holding a beer out front. I came up with a redhead in old English attire holding a strange gun. I am not sure for all the reasons and I messed around with some other subject but this is what finally worked for me and seems to fit the rest of the restaurant series.

This original measures 24"x 24". Signed Giclee prints are available at 22"x22" for $150.00 each. Email if interested in a print.

Boing B17 Art

This painting was one that has been sitting on my table for over a year. I just had to finish it so I can move on and get it out of my studio. The original depicts a real plane that was shot up over Berlin but made it home. The number on the tail tells a story. The originalpainting measures about 42" x 32". Signed Giclee prints are available at a 24"x22" size for $125.00 each. If interested write and leave your contact information.

Templeton Rye Art

Here is a new piece that combines a little bit of everything type, people, and wildlife. If you never have had the pleasure to enjoy a fantastic rye whiskey you owe it to yourself to to have a shot of Templeton Rye. The only problem is finding it. It seems to come out in small batches and if you are lucky enough to find it buy it, never mind the expense it is worth every sip of the extra cost. At any rate a fun painting to do.

Cadillac Art

Another painting that falls in the classic car art the Cadillac emblem. This was a fun piece to paint and I think it fits in well with the expanding series.

I wanted to use a bold color in combination with the icon in a worn type of background. A 22"x22' giclee print on canvas of this piece of art will be sold for $125.00 each. Email to place an order.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chevelle Painting

This is for all the Chevy lovers out there to make sure that I was not just painting for the Ford guys. Don't worry man cave mechanics and car enthusiasts there is a Cadillac and Dodge soon to follow. This print is 22"x24" signed Giclee on canvas for $120.00 and can be ordered by emailing: Leave your contact information please.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pet Portrait

And now for something a little different a commissioned pet portrait. This one was special because the dog just wanted to play with everything and in this depiction it was a large stick. The dog is a wonderful combination of Labrador and border collie and probably is why that the dog is boundless in it's curiosity and energy. If you have a pet that you would like captured forever on canvas please feel free to email me at:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

F-150 Ford Logo Painting

Another Ford truck logo. There is something about these things that are as much fun to paint as flags. This is another signed Giclee print on canvas that measures 22"x22" and sells for $125.00. Email steve@bergerfinearts if you are interested in a print of these. More soon to follow.

Ford Shield Logo

As long as I was painting Ford Logos I stared looking at them and over the years depending on the model the 3D logo design is very interesting. Some are just plain cool looking.

I am looking to paint more of these logos including Chevy designs too. This Ford paint measures 24"x24" and will be a signed Giclee on canvas for $150.00. More to come. Email if interested.

Ford Logo

I started painting a ford logo and when I finished I felt it needed something else to dress it up. Since it is a symbol that is endearing to all Ford mechanics and ford car lovers the logo seems to need something to put in the garage. A "man cave"calendar came to mind and one thing led to another and I ended up decorating the logo with a redhead for a final touch. Any similarities to the "Dreaming of Monte Carlo" painting is purely accidental. This is a signed Giclee print on canvas that measures 10x16 and sells for $125.00. Email steve@bergerfinearts if you are interested in a print

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Travail Restaurant in Rorobbinsdale MN

Another of the restaurant series I have been working on over the summer is this piece called Travail. Travail is located in downtown Robbinsdale and has been named as one of the top 25 restaurants in the nation. The food and atmosphere is great but I fear they will soon be growing out of their current location because of the lack of seating. Hour long waits are not uncommon.

The name is definitely unique and I wanted to highlight it in the finished piece but the only place it is highlighted is on the awning on the front of the building. The lack of a dynamic exterior forced me to come up with a unique scene going on in the front of this restaurant to make the painting interesting to look at.

This is what I came up with and visually I believe I achieved my goal of making the painting say something, to someone.

The original painting measures 26" x 26' and signed Giclee prints are available at the size of 22"x 22" for $150.00 ea.

W.A. Frost Restaurant Painting in St. Paul Minnesota

One of my all time favorites in St. Paul is W.A.Frost & Co. Even though they do not have live music inside there is still a lot of local flavor outside the restaurant all year long. The interior atmosphere is great and the summer patio is also great on hot summer evenings. What is this painting saying to you is up to you.

The original measures 30"x30" and signed Giclee 22"x22" prints are available for $150.00

Friday, October 28, 2011

TG Football Poster

This is another "Award" type painting that I will be donating for a local high school fundraiser auction. These are always fun to do especially for high school athletics. The original of this measures roughly 30" x 36" and really is dramatic to look at. It will look good in someones den.

Portrait Painting

It has been awhile since my last post but was a very busy this summer that included a little fishing bur far short of what I wanted to do. I have been busy painting new stuff and this post contains a portrait done from a photograph. Painting from photo's can be challenging (you can only paint what you see and if the photo is murkey the finished painting tends to be murkey) This was done for a couple that live in Atlanta of their son who is heading of to college. I worked out well and they were extremely happy with the result of their sons artistic portrayal I came up with shown here. The finished painting measured roughly 24"x 36".

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Loon Cafe Minneapolis

Downtown sporting events in Minneapolis should always feature a visit to the Loon Cafe. I have enjoyed the Loon's unique atmosphere for years.

In painting this piece I wanted to convey the down home atmosphere of the cafe but most important I wanted to add a bit of intrigue to the painting. I have met celebrities, professional athletes and a variety of very interesting "B" bit players at the loon and enjoyed some great conversations and beers with all of them over the years.

That is why the woman at the front door in the cowboy hat is important. She seems to sum up the Loon's atmosphere. Because you never know who you will meet at the loon it was important for her to be looking back over her shoulder with that look of "y'all come on in". I have some great memories and great times with friend at this Minneapolis downtown landmark and this was a fun painting to do.

To order signed Giclee prints of this 22" x 13" painting for $175.00 contact: steve@bergerfinearts

The FIne Line Painting

The Fine Line over the years has had some of the best live music performances in the Twin Cities. Because of the venues played at the Fine Line it was difficult to visually depict a category of music played there.

I started this painting with sketches of a painting with musical instruments in it but struggled with who or what to be included in the painting that would signify all the different kinds of music played at the Fine Line.

I ended up with this painting. A view of the outside of the Fine Line featuring their logo was a natural and adding a young woman dressed creatively suggesting that she is a talent but what kind of musician is she a singer, bass player, drummer? Who knows?

Finally adding a very happy romping dog carrying a tune in its head seemed to fit the message I was trying to convey. I do not know what tune it is but I suppose it would vary to the personality of the dog. Thus the paintings title "Everyone Runs To A Different Tune" seems to wrap up the visual in a nice package.

Signed Giclee Prints of this 9"x22.5" painting are available on canvas for $150.00To order contact:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

JD Hoyt's Restaurant Minneapolis Painting

I just finished this painting of "JD Hoyt's" which is another longtime favorite restaurant of mine located on Washington Avenue in the warehouse district in Minneapolis. You can be casual, formal or whatever it really does not matter the atmosphere here is definitely fun and the people watching is as good as the food is great. I have two versions of this painting and this is the one that won being finished.

What exactly is this painting trying to convey? Maybe a nod, a wink, a subtle look but most assuredly a lot more substance behind the quiet demeanor. Thats the best I can do for a description . All I know is that I like the way this painting turned out someday I may finish the other one.

This paintings original size is 22"x24" and 22"x22" signed Giclee prints on canvas are available for $175.00 each. Leave me your contact information at: if you are interested in purchasing.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nyes Polynaise Room

A new legendary local bar/restaurant painting I just finished. Nye's is a favorite for locals in Minneapolis looking for some unique atmosphere and believe me Nye's has plenty.

When visiting Nye's you are never quite sure what form of entertainment will assault your eyes and ears next. For years Nye's Polynaise room has been just a fun place to have few drinks and enjoy some fantastic local "Nordeast" food.

The question I am getting most from people who have seen this painting is what's happening in this painting? That is for you the viewer to decide. I know what emotion I wanted to convey by painting this piece and that was to get you the viewer to say just that. "What just happened in this picture"? You decide, I think depending on your emotional state it will vary each time you view this painting. That is what makes this painting so much fun, its a story waiting to be told by you.

If you visit Nye's remember customers usually ask themselves the same question when they leave, "what just happened in there?" That pretty well sums up the paintings meaning to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as it was for me to paint.

The original painting measures 18"x29". Limited edition prints for a $125.00 are available by contacting me at:

Logo Art

This is a recent piece of work I did for a local CPA firm. Numbers falling to the bottom line. They have a really nice new office and needed some original art on the walls. Fun to do and great people. If you are interested in custom art work for your office please email me and let me know what you need and I will turn a unique custom piece for you.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Murray's Restaurant In Minneapolis Painting

Murray's is home of the famous "Butter Knife Steak". Another painting in the local bar restaurant series that features a legendary steak and meeting place in downtown Minneapolis. Of course I tried to add a bit of sophistication with an outside night view, fun with the glamourous young woman smoking a cigar, notice she is wearing a mans white shirt and finally the chrome signage. The chrome was probably the most challenging part of this painting for me. I know I will hear some feedback that I forgot the "S" in Murray's but from the perspective that this painting was created it just did not look right. Prints of this painting are available now. The original measures 32" x25"

If you would like a 22 x 22" canvas Giclee print of this painting for $175.00 email me at: Be sure to leave your contact information.

Glueks Bar & Restaurant

This is a new painting in my series of local restaraunts that have been very popular to local collectors. The original painting measures 32"x16" and prints are being made that measure 10"x22". Glueks has a German heritage theme and that is why the accessories in the artwork created feature things German. Each featured local landmark has it's own aura about it and this is what I came up for Glueks.

If you are interested in a 10"x22" limnited edition print of this painting it is available on canvas and signed and dated. The cost is 150.00. Email me at: steve@bergerfinearts and leave your contact information so I can expedite your order.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Leo T. Kilfoy

This piece was done for St. Ambrose University coaching legend Leo T. Kilfoy.

The combination of the University logo and images from the past involving coach Kilfoy coaching players was a lot to put into one image butI think it worked out well. I was able to make the combination of colors used in this piece work to pop the retro looking images in front of the university logo.

I still may make a few alterations to the art but it is pretty well to go as you see it here. I debated whether to use Latin or English for the text in the logo. For nowLatin won out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Victory Memorial Drive Minneapolis Flag Painting

This is the top half of the Victory Memorial Drive Monument in Minneapolis that I mentioned in the earlier post. The flag pole with its large gold eagle on the top is stunning when you look at it from the base of the monument.

As you know if you follow my blog I love painting flags but this one I wanted to show a somber reflective mood rather than a billowing flag, just a slight breeze to show respect for the 568 servicemen and women whose names are etched in bronze on the memorial.

The 11's at the top of this print reflect when World War 1 officially ended. The war to end all wars ended on the eleventh month, the eleventh day at 11:oo the year 1918.

If you are interested in signed Giclee prints of this 19"x26" acrylic painting for $125.00 contact me at:
Be sure to leave your contact information for me.

Victory Memorial Drive Minneapolis Prints

This past weekend Victory Memorial Drive was rededicated to showcase the beautiful improvements done to the monument at the end of the drive as well as the parkway leading up to it. It is quite a view from the monument looking up the drive through a canopy of trees.

This acrylic on canvas painting is a view of the stone slab that forms the base of the flagpole at the monuments steps. I wanted to get some emotion out of the granite surface, to show that it represents more than letters etched in stone. The faded reflective image at the base I thought would help visualize the cost of war.
Signed Giclee canvas prints of this 12"x 29"work are $155.00

If you are interested contact me at:
Be sure to leave your contact information for me.

Abandoned Coke Bank

This is a watercolor I did of an abandoned bank that I saw in Iowa. The steel Coke and Pepsi signs plastered over the door I thought were interesting.

16"x29"prints of this painting are available for $150.00. If you are interested in purchasing a Giclee print of this watercolor named "Abandoned Coke Bank" please email me at:

Please remember to leave your contact information.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trout Painting from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

My son and I just got back from fishing in the boundary waters in northern Minnesota and enjoyed the great outdoors once again. Fishing was OK but we have had better.

The BWCA is a wonderful place to recharge and enjoy nature and some great shore lunches. Trout were hitting Rapala's in 10' of water and despite the intermittent rain and cold mornings it was a great trip for us.

This signed and numbered print measures 16"x 20" and will sell for $170.00. If you are interested email me at: Make sure you leave your contact information when you place your order.

Harmon Killebrew

Harmon Killebrew, the name evokes baseball and all the emotions that go with the game. I had the honor to meet Harmon on a number of occasions and thoroughly enjoyed his conversation and good nature.

I knew Harmon was not doing great but I thought for sure he could beat the cancer he finally succumbed to. He will be missed not only as a legendary baseball player but as genuinely good human being. Sorry to see you go Harmon, thanks for some great baseball memories.

This painting is a signed limited edition print that measures 16"x20" and is priced at $170.00.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beautiful Dreamer

If you have boys in your family you know how the younger ones look up to their big brother. They can't wait to grow up and do all the things a big brother gets to do. This piece is a captured moment of a little brother trying on his brothers letter jacket football helmet and football and "dreaming big".

A really fun painting to do. It is also proof that kids really do grow up too fast.
Prints are available of this acrylic painting. Original size is 18"x 32"


Still Life Wine Bottle and Relics

This is the first still life I have produced for fun in a long time. A lot of objects and interesting shadows all combining to tell a story. I want to do a series of these maybe revolving around historical objects and wine. I will have to think about it. This painting will be shown next week in St. Paul at the St. Paul Art Crawl.
Title: Relics & Wine
Painting Size: 24"x 33"
Acrylic on canvas
Original Price: $3,500.00
Signed prints available 12"x 16.5" $150.00
If interested contact: Make sure you leave your contact information.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bunkers Bar and Restaurant

Another Minnesota Warehouse District landmark Bunkers bar, grill and music is still one of the greatest places in town to hear down to earth great live music in a relaxed atmosphere. This painting was meant to be fun to look at and make the viewer wonder what is going on in this piece.

I love doing this series of paintings and look for more very soon

This 8" x 17" signed Giclee print is available for $150.00. Contact: and leave your contact information.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Annies Parlor

Here is another Minneapolis St. Paul landmark that I just finished. I frequented Annies Parlor years ago after many Minnesota football games. It has a nice view of downtown Minneapolis that I included with this view. I had to put cattle into this picture because it needed something and cattle seemed to fit the touch I felt it needed. You the viewer will have to decide if it is early or late in the day.
Original size 19"x26" Acrylic
Print size 9 x 13"
Signed Giclee Prints: $125.00
If you are interested in this print please contact:

Monday, March 21, 2011

The One and Only Mickey's Diner

Here is a new piece I did of another Minnesota landmark in downtown St. Paul.

Mickey's Diner has been serving hot food for a long time and it's hard to miss it especially at night. I had a little fun with this image and people ask me why the bear? I say to them why not. At any rate here it is and let me know if you are interested in purchasing a print.

Original: 14"x33"
9"x14"Signed Giclee Print On Canvas: $125.00
To Order:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Monte Carlo Minneapolis Landmark

A Minneapolis landmark is the Monte Carlo Restauraunt. I love the atmosphere there and especial the food. In painting Minneapolis landmarks the Monte had to be a part of the series. I had another view that included the building but I found the sign much more interesting to paint. The paintings title is "Monte Carlo Dreaming" and signed Giclee canvas prints are available now.

Original Size: 22" x22"
Print size: 13.5"x10"
Signed Giclee canvas print

To Purchase Contact:

Bobby Kennedy may not have been a president but I think we can all agree he was a heckuva speaker. After reading some of his speeches from 1968 I felt he was talking about today. His speeches add more credence to the saying the more things change the more they stay the same. Bobby was a true leader in civil right movements of the day and I believe after spending some time with his politics he would be truly amazed on what is happening in today's political enviroments. This painting is my initial study painting for a color version but I wanted to make it available to anyone interested in making a purchase of the study.

Original measures 16"x 23"
Prints: Signed Giclee prints measure 8"x 11"
Cost: $50.00

To purchase contact:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Teddy Roosevelt "The Bull Moose Party Founder"

Roosevelt is noted for his energetic personality, range of interests and achievements, leadership of the Progressive Movement, and his "cowboy" image and robust masculinity. He was a leader of the Republican Party and founder of the short-lived Progressive ("Bull Moose") Party of 1912.

I just finished this painting of Teddy Roosevelt and wanted to get it posted. This series helps to show what these presidents were all about. The quote attached to this painting is a well known verse in sports circles but it does add some insight into what President Roosevelt was all about. It is really a lot of fun to rediscover these men and what they did with their time in office like Mr. Roosevelt who as a child suffered with severe asthma and refused to succumb to his physical limitations embraced all things physical and became an outstanding athlete and later in life outdoorsman. He was home schooled until he attended Harvard and took up boxing. In 1881, one year out of Harvard, he was elected to the New York State Assembly as its youngest member. Roosevelt's first historical book, The Naval War of 1812 (1882), established his professional reputation as a serious historian.

After a few years of living in the Badlands, Roosevelt returned to New York City, where he gained fame for fighting police corruption. The Spanish–American War broke out while Roosevelt was, effectively, running the Department of the Navy. He promptly resigned and led a small regiment in Cuba known as the Rough Riders, earning himself a nomination for the Medal of Honor, which was received posthumously on his behalf on January 16, 2001. After the war, he returned to New York and was elected Governor in a close-fought election. Within two years, he was elected Vice President of the United States. He did all this before the age of 42.

n 1901, President William McKinley was assassinated; and Roosevelt became President at the age of 42, taking office at the youngest age of any U.S. President in history. Roosevelt attempted to move the Republican Party in the direction of Progressivism, including trust busting and increased regulation of businesses.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Semper Fi Marine Tribute

I just finished this new Marine Poster. This one I have had in various stages of completion for some time and it is nice to have a finished product finally. The original measures 14x18 and prints are available for $70.00. Contact: if you are interested in purchasing a Giclee print on canvas of this image.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Stand off

If anyone of your family members have spent anytime in the military overseas this painting will look familiar.

This is a piece I just finished. The imagery I think says it all.

Giclee canvas prints of this limited edition signed 21" x 13.5"painting called "The Standoff" are available now for $150.00 each. Free shipping.

Franklin Roosevelt Fire side chat painting

Following the previous FDR post here is the FDR Poster with one of his fireside chats included in the art.

This art reflects a time in history that sounds a lot like what is being said currently by political parties in the United States and is part of the Presidential Series of paintings that I am currently working on.

This is a 14.5" wide x 16" high Giclee print that is signed, numbered and printed on canvas will sell for $115.00, that includes shipping.

If you would like a print of this painting with the speech contact me at:

FDR Painting

This is the third painting of the Presidential Series. There is a speech of FDR's that goes with this painting and I will attach that art soon so that you can see the speech I chose to go with the art.

I already have the next president started for this series and I should have it done in the next couple of weeks. This original acrylic painting is 15.5 x 16 high. If you are interested in the original you can contact me at: The prints with speech will be priced in the following post. Watch for updates.

Chevrolet In Hiding

Here is the final version of the Chevy in hiding painting. I knew it needed something else and I finally figured out that adding the Route 66 sign in the clouds was all it lacked. This is the first of a series of older cars that I will be paiinting through the summer. Watch for them.

This 12"x14 signed Giclee canvas print is now available for $110.00.
If you are interested in ordering "Chevy in Hidingcontact me at: and I will get a print shipped to you.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Chevrolet Hiding by Garage

For a change of pace here is a landmark piece that was fun to paint that combines a little architectural history and automobile nostalgia.

Old cars are getting harder to find as well as the infrastructure that was built to serve them throughout the 40's and 60's. I was old enough to remember Phillips 66 gas stations and if you drive through Iowa and Minnesota you cans still find buildings that represent the brand that was called "Phillips". As far as 1962 Chevy's go my brother had one and I always loved that big boat style. Cars built today are getting farther and farther removed from the dinosaurs that use to roam the highways in the early 1950's and 70's. Too bad, I still love the look (and the sound) of the old cars rather than the new cars. The cars of today seem to lack any real definable individual style characteristics. This painting is not quite done but I wanted to post it. If you are interested in a print email me at:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

JFK Portrait Painting

Here is the color version of JFK painting that was done mid summer of last year. It has quite a different look than the previous monochrome earlier JFK painting.

Now that I have finished the Reagan painting (see below) I will need at least two other presidents to finish the "President Series". I have the third drawing on my table now and is being painted as I write this entry. I needed more coffee and a break.I may have to have five or six presidents in this series so watch here as I continue to paint. Someday I have to get back to state flags again. So much to paint so little time.

If you are interested in this print titled "JFK "Go Ahead Call Me A Liberal" please note it is a bigger size than most prints I do at 14"x20" but it does have quite an impact when you walk into a room, very dramatic.

Prints of this signed limited edition series will be priced at $150.00. Email me at: and leave your contact information if you are interested in a print.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ronald Reagan Portrait for Sale

Reagan would be 100 years old this year so to celebrate here is a painting of the president.

The original measures 13"x20" and is available for sale. Signed prints of this 9" x 14" painting are $170.00 each.

If interested I will offer free shipping with purchase, contact.: to arrange payment. Be sure you leave your contact information.

Yankee Slugger Painting

Baseball season is almost here and I have been in the mood for some baseball so here is the first Baseball painting of the year for 2011.

For you Yankee fans here you go. This orignal is 21" high by 14" wide. You can buy the original for $3,500.00 or an 11x17" print for $90.00 with free shipping.

Contact: if you are interested in either./

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vince Lombardi Poster

To follow up the earlier artwork with another quote from Lombardi was irresistible. I wanted something that every business owner, coach, and fan of football would like and how do you argue with this speech from Vince Lombardi on what it takes to be number one.

I am not sure where or who he gave this speech to originally but I think it was to newsmen asking questions on how does he keep his teams winning? What is the secret? I think Mr. Lombardi pretty well sums up winning with this reply that is part of my art work.

$50.00 and you can own this work, signed & numbered.
This work is available as a signed limited edition canvas giclee print . It measures 7"x18" (image area) and will retail for $50.00. That includes mailing. Contact: and leave your contact information to get one of these collector prints.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Viince Lombardi Color Painting

After watching the Packers play in last weeks playoff game I wanted to finish this painting which I started some time ago. I was doing this painting at the same time of the black and white version I did for the celebrity series of paintings posted on my blog last year. Lombardi and his quotes are synonymous with football excellence and the Super Bowl so here is my salute to the Green Bay Packers and their quest for another Super Bowl and the Lombardi Trophy.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Green Mountain Boys Flag

Recently I had a request for information about the Green Mountain Boys Flag I had painted earlier. See my blog post (July of 2009) for a look at that flag.

I have wanted to repaint that flag for some time and finally did a watercolor study for a new painting and showed it to some one who was in my studio at the time to see what they thought. After some discussion I felt that this painting was ready for a new look and set up to paint the new image on canvas after the watercolor study was refined.

Before I completed the final new acrylic painting the watercolor study was purchased. I usually wait until I am done with the final painting before I sell my reference work but they could not wait, they had to have it immediately and purchased the study.

The new Green Mountain Boys Flag original acrylic painting dimensions are 32"x19" so a limited number of signed Giclee prints are now available of this painting at an image size of 16"x 9.5" printed on canvas for $75.00 each.

If you do not know who the Green Mountain Boys are and what the connection between Ethan Allen, Seth Warner and Benedict Arnold was look at that previous blog of my (July 2009) for a brief background picture of the interesting character's behind the flag.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cartoon Messaging

A new year is here. I wanted to show some recent cartoons and how companies and individuals are using cartoons to tell their story.

If you have a message you wish to convey quickly and with a smile cartoons are a fantastic way to accomplish both. I have used cartoons in plenty of companies branding efforts (Aflac Insurance, General Mills, Once Upon A Child Retail Stores, Heartland, etc,) because they are so darned effective. If they are done right they will be kept in front of and continue to message to a targeted audience long past the initial delivery. I know of some cases and I am sure you have seen at one time or another a framed cartoon in a office or on someone's desk years after they recieved it.

At any rate besides fine art I have done a lot of cartooning over the years for publishers and companies that want to send a brand specific message. If you need something specific contact me at