Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Man In Coffee Shop.

This painting was part dream and part something else. I think the combination of these two images make an interesting and dynamic visual. 

Prints of this will be available soon so watch the "American Section" of my website. if interested in purchasing a print.

Ghost On The Prairie

This is newest painting for the "Ghost On The Prairie Series". I am still working on it but it is getting close to being done and I wanted to post it to show that I am still producing new work for this series even though it has been awhile 

This was started by a request for  a 1970  Torino in the style of the series. If you look close you can see the ghost standing to the side of the car. Prints will be available as soon as I finish the work. Watch in the new art section of my web site.

Into The Blue "Revisited"

I had done this painting awhile ago and after looking at it I felt it just needed something else added to it.  Since the school entrance these steps were leading up to is long gone I thought the blue sky would be enough to convey that the place that was there was more of a launching pad of sorts to careers and lives of the thousands of students that walked up these steps.

But something was still missing. The "Aha" moment came and the feather was added. The feather floating about is a direct connection to the movie Forest Gump if you have seen the movie you will understand.  I thought this was exactly the right touch to finish this painting.

For those of you who bought a print without the feather I will send a new one with the feather if you want it at no charge to you. Email me and let me know.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vikings Football Past and Present

Its that time of year. This new piece features the Vikings new quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and legendary Viking quarterback Fran Tarkenton. Like all Viking fans we are excited for this season to get underway with all the new faces and changes happening to this legendary organization. If interested in the original email