Friday, December 12, 2014

Midwest Summer Day

A beautiful summer day is the theme here and wondering what happened to the rest of the farm that once occupied this ground. This scene is depicted a lot in the midwest but the standing buildings are getting harder to find. They finally disintegrate into the prairie so its nice to find one still standing. Especially on a hot summer day worthy of exploring. This art is part of the Farm series featured on my website.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bighorn Touching The Sky

This painting titled "Bighorn Touching The Sky" shows a fantastic specimen of the brute force of nature. This painting is still being worked on but it is the first Bighorn sheep I have ever painted and I was excited to show it even though it has a way to go before completion.  

Photos were sent to me showing the rock formations and environment that these sheep inhabit by a hunter who is waiting for the first print of this painting. He knows all about the environment where these  magnificent animals can be found and has been a really big help to ensure that my details are accurate.

Prints will be available in the hunting and cabin art category on my website soon. If interested the 36" x 44" original will be available,  just email me: for pricing.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nye's Closing Art Print

When I heard the news that Nye's will be closing I could not believe that this legendary restaurant was soon to become part of Minneapolis history. This piece I did about Nye's is titled "What Just Happened In There?" and has been a popular piece.  This art has been featured in art shows and books and I think it's popularity is because of the quirky but local atmosphere that permeates Nye's. You know what I mean if you have been that any night after 8:00 PM.

 At any rate this 16"x24"piece is signed and  available and would be a great holiday gift to the restaurant aficionado by clicking on the "Art Prints For Sale" button on the ""home page and scrolling down to the "Legendary Restaurant Series Section". Or just click here for the link

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Watching Ed

This is a new piece titled "Watching Ed" Actually it is a combination of ideas that were rolling around for sometime and I combined them into this single title. What is this piece conveying? I think everyone can agree It's uncanny how mothers are always with you no matter where you are or how hold you are they will always watch over you.  By combining the outdoors, a long road and a daydreaming cloudy summer day I think this piece works on a number of emotional levels and gives meaning to the feeling that moms will always be there, or somewhere keeping an eye on you.

Just a pure fun piece to do. Prints will be available soon in the farm series category.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Elk Hunter

There is nothing like a fall hunting trip and this painting shows an elk hunter walking back to camp after a successful outing. The sky is ominous snow may be moving in.

This painting still has a way to go but I wanted to show now while it is still being worked on. I am thinking about a new series of art around hunting and all the rituals that go with it. This may be the first of the series so keep posted to see whats next.

If interested in purchasing the original 30"x36" email

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Man In Coffee Shop.

This painting was part dream and part something else. I think the combination of these two images make an interesting and dynamic visual. 

Prints of this will be available soon so watch the "American Section" of my website. if interested in purchasing a print.

Ghost On The Prairie

This is newest painting for the "Ghost On The Prairie Series". I am still working on it but it is getting close to being done and I wanted to post it to show that I am still producing new work for this series even though it has been awhile 

This was started by a request for  a 1970  Torino in the style of the series. If you look close you can see the ghost standing to the side of the car. Prints will be available as soon as I finish the work. Watch in the new art section of my web site.

Into The Blue "Revisited"

I had done this painting awhile ago and after looking at it I felt it just needed something else added to it.  Since the school entrance these steps were leading up to is long gone I thought the blue sky would be enough to convey that the place that was there was more of a launching pad of sorts to careers and lives of the thousands of students that walked up these steps.

But something was still missing. The "Aha" moment came and the feather was added. The feather floating about is a direct connection to the movie Forest Gump if you have seen the movie you will understand.  I thought this was exactly the right touch to finish this painting.

For those of you who bought a print without the feather I will send a new one with the feather if you want it at no charge to you. Email me and let me know.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vikings Football Past and Present

Its that time of year. This new piece features the Vikings new quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and legendary Viking quarterback Fran Tarkenton. Like all Viking fans we are excited for this season to get underway with all the new faces and changes happening to this legendary organization. If interested in the original email

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shore Lunch

A nice day of fishing. Depending on your vantage point nothing beats a fresh fish shore lunch with friends. Invited friends that is. This painting started out with a trout on rocks and just became more interesting as I painted. I will leave it to the viewers  imagination on how the rest of the day pictured here turned out.This acrylic print is signed and ready for your frame and mat. The 16x36" acrylic original is available, if you are interested in purchasing.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Flying Dreams

It's late summer and this new piece is for all the people who fly in their dreams. This did not reproduce well for this post but the lake has more reflections in it that's showing here. I may go back into this one. I like the idea of leaves falling out of the pattern in the dress. Starting to run out of summer. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Jumping Weeds

Green grass and bare feet can only mean one thing, summer. In this piece I wanted to get a different perspective of enjoying a hot summer day. I think every person who enjoys the outdoors can relate to the feeling of grass on bare feet and clear blue skies. I think summer must be both interesting and terrifying from an ants view point.

10x14 Signed prints of this painting are now available as part of the farm series on my website.

Into The Blue

There use to be a high school here but all that is left are these steps leading up to the now nonexistent front door. The stories these steps could tell. I think it is appropriate that they remain though the school is long gone. The building could never retain all the memories that were once housed there. Up the steps into the door and out into the blue. Makes you wonder where all the students ended up.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Here is a new painting that will be part of the "Farm Series". It is not quite, but just about done. I still have a few hours left in it, but I wanted to post it anyway.  This colorful summer time piece original measures 24x 30" and features a girl in a field picking flowers with the ever present flying  terror of the fields hovering nearby. Is the bee zooming in on her arm or the batch of flowers she is holding? We will know soon enough. If interested in a signed print go to my website under the "Farm Series" Category or just hit this link: . If interested in the original just email me;

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reaching Out

This painting does not really fit into any category but it was just something I had half finished for some time. I plan on doing a few more of thes "Surreal" type paintings so watch this blog and I will post as I finish. This one is titled "Hand Reaching Out To Boat" and if you are interested in purchasing 16x20" signed Giclee of this dream like print, go to the category on my website titled "New Art Prints For Sale". Make sure you scroll down it will be the last one in the category.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Determined To Lead

A new painting for the farm series is a study of determination. It shows a young girl leading a pair of draft horses through a field. The plow behind them is unattended but it matters little to this group. judging by the clouds on the horizon a storm is either coming or has just passed so it's anyone's guess on just exactly what led up to what is going on in this scene. This signed 16x20 Giclee print is now available and so is the original painting.

If you would like to purchase either look under the "Farm Series" in the category section on my home page.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lake Harriett and Linden Hills Trolley Painting

If you want to enjoy Minneapolis you must go to Lake Harriet for a walk around the lake. This piece of art shows the Lake Harriett trolley on a typical summer day. This wonderful area in Linden Hills shows despite the winters what makes living in Minnesota worthwhile, especially in the summer. You can walk from the trolley to the bandshell by the lakein a minute and enjoy a concert watch sail boats on the lake swim, fish, etc. It's summer enjoy it while you can.

This art is now available in a 18"x18" signed giclee print for 160.00. In the Minnesota Landmark Category or new art category. If interested in the original email:

Friday, May 16, 2014

Vietnam Painting Memorial

In time for Memorial day the original painting titled "Green Line" is now for sale. This original piece measures 33"x43"and is already stretched and ready to either hang on the wall or put in a custom frame.

This dramatic representation features  U.S. soldiers on patrol somewhere in Vietnam. This view was seen by thousands of soldiers while serving in Vietnam every day.

This large acrylic painting can be Purchased now for $6,500.00. Delivery is free anywhere in the United States and can be expedited in seven days of purchase. if interested.
Prints are also available. Click this link to order prints. 16"x20" Giclee prints are signed and ready for mat and frame for $150.00.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

St. Mary's Church, Clinton Iowa

I just finished this painting of St. Mary's church in Clinton Iowa. The church construction was finished  in 1888 and was eventually torn down in 2009. This magnificent structure was built by Irish immigrants and was home to more than 500 families. Historical references to the church are sketchy and I could not find any decent photographs that showed the bell tower with cross on top right down to the brick cobblestones in the street in front of the church. I also wanted to include the concrete in the middle of the street showing where the trolley cars tracks were at one time. These trolley tracks were ripped up and filled in with concrete. I tried to add drama to this painting with the clouds rolling by in the sky behind the church.  Maybe they represent the tumultuous times this church had seen. It's too bad that the church, the high school and the grade school are all demolished. For a lot of people in Clinton and those parishioner's who moved on and are spread out over the world these buildings carried a lot of memories. Why this building was not labeled a historical site is a mystery to me.

Signed 16x20 prints of this painting are now available in the "Americana" section of the "" website

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quilting Buddies

An additional piece to the "Farm Series" features two "quiltin' buddies" admiring their work. This painting shows two young girls who's braids are competing with the patterns in the quilt they are admiring. They could be sisters maybe friends but its a scene I am sure is played out a lot in rural America during the summer months.

This painting features a lot of detail in every corner and its a fun painting to view. 18"x18" signed prints are now available in the "Farm Series" section of the website category.

The original is also available for purchase and measures 35"x35". If interested emails steve at berger fine arts and we can discuss.

Barn Dance Painting

Here is the newest painting from the farm series. A host of charachters wanting to party but waiting for their guests to arrive is agonizing. I struggled where to draw the line for additional animals to include and settled on the usual farm cast of feature charachters. Signed 18"x18" prints of this painting are now available on the website under the "Farm Series" button.
The  "Barn Dance Party" 34"x34"  acrylic original is also available to purchase. If interested email: steve@bergerfinearts to discuss.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Veterans Sign Up.

Art That Raises Awareness and Recognizes Those Who Serve.
I was honored to have In the hallway of Farmington High School During Farmington’s Patriotic Day Celebration my 40” x 40” framed print of mine from the “Preamble Flag Series”. This painting is part of a series of historic American flag paintings that I created that feature parts of the preamble of the American Constitution.
Custom Fine Art Designed For The Event
Every Veteran that was at the Farmington event signed their name directly on the art print, although the first few were hesitant about marking up the art they soon got iinto it, while the local boy scout troops thank them personally, on the spot for their service to their country.

A Reminder To The Community
Now that the soldiers have each signed their name to the print this artwork will hang in the local government center where the community can see and read all the names of the soldiers who have and are serving their country from the Farmington community.

Get Involved
The event is a collaborative effort of the Farmington American Legion, Farmington Lions Club, Farmington Veterans of Foreign Wars, Farmington Warrior to Citizen Program and School District 192.

Make A Wish Get Involved

"River Front Tango" Art Raises Money For The "Make A Wish" Fundraiser
On April 12 of "Make A Wish" of Eastern Iowa held their annual fundraiser and I could not have been more happy to donate this piece of custom art to their cause. The piece called "River Front Tango"  features a couple doing one last early morning tango on the beautiful riverfront on the Mississippi river at Clinton. A barge slowly passes as it navigates the upcoming bridges in the distance while the light tower's is beginning to compete with the rays of a rising sun.
Unique Art For A Cause
The idea of coming up with a unique piece for this event was a lot of fun. The painting accomplished what I had hoped for and raised some needed money and awareness for kids and families having a rough time.
Get Involved
Barb Jacobson has lead the Clinton County branch of the "Make A Wish Foundation for the last 19 years. Call Joni McDonnel at 243-8213 to donate and make a difference.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The newest piece from the "Farm Series" is this one titled "Flying On A Tractor" I wanted to do a tractor with some character and I did not want to stick it in front of a barn. Like my "Ghost of the Prairie Series" there is something about an old machine rusting and forgotten in a field. Not to say this tractor is not still in use because if you grow up on the farm these old FarmAll tractors went on forever. The tractor needed something else to bring it to life so the final touch you see here is the result. I have some final touchups to this painting but the original and prints will be available soon.

This painting will have a poem to go with it as soon as I can find the time to  write it. While painting this one I thought a lot about how it will come together.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Cat In the Straw

This "Cat In The Straw" is the first in a new series that will depict all kinds of events, people, animals and farm stuff that are part of everyday farm life.  This will be a fun series and I intend to do twelve paintings in all.
This one depicts a Tabby cat in the barn that knows how to handle his area. You can tell by the look that he is all business and is reviewing the activities in the barn from his perch upon a bale of straw.

I also created a video to show the whole drawing/painting process it takes in creating this image. From initial sketch to finished acrylic painting this video uses time lapse so it only takes one minute to view the sketch process as well as the painting process.

This will soon be added to my website for sale along with the second of the series coming soon.

To view time lapse videos of this artwork, either follow this link, or scroll below for embedded videos.

Video 1: Concept Sketch

Video 2: Finished Painting

On Patrol

Well It has been a while writing on my blog but I am back to it for my new website so watch for weekly updates on new stuff and events.

This recent painting depicts a patrol in Vietnam moving out. I had this sketch for quiet some time and after talking to a veteran friend of mine who spent some time in Vietnam in 1968 I just decided to finally finish painting it. I have not done a military painting for a while and I intend to do more along this line as the year progresses.

Go to my website to see more new art.  Click on the link below and it will take you to the category on my web site "Working Class Hero's"  where you can order if interested in purchasing a 16x20 inch print.