Saturday, April 9, 2016

A letter to Grandma

This piece is the newest addition to the "Farm Series". It features a rural scene that I remember being repeated every day on the farm. Someone had to go pick up the mail usually not to the late afternoon and you did not want to miss any news that may have come in from someone special. It was always a big event to the "mail picker". let your imagination figure out what is being played out in this scene.
Signed prints of this piece will be available in the "Farm Series" at Berger Fine Arts web site.

Matt Olson Fundraiser

This painting was created and auctioned off to help Matt Olson and his family meet medical costs after Matt suffered a spinal cord injury playing Hockey. I was honored to be able to help the Olson's anyway I could during this very tough time. The piece features Matt's old high school jersey and number hanging by a window overlooking an every day scene in Minnesota during the winter. My prayers and thoughts are with Matt and the Olson family

Hawkeye Nights

This is a sketch I completed for the " Make A Wish Foundation" that will be auctioned off tonight at their fundraiser in Iowa. This is the third year that I have participated and have really been happy with the funds they are able to raise to help kids who need some smiles.

This piece of course features a rural setting with the watchful eye of the hawk.  With the barn light acting as a stage light a tango is the only appropriate dance to celebrate a beautiful fall night in Iowa under the stars. This painting just makes me smile.