Saturday, February 3, 2018

Trout In Grass

Brook Trout are abundant in northern Iowa where this one was caught you just have to find the right stream.  Like the salmon shown in the previous post the grass and the texture of the fish provide interesting contrasts for this acrylic piece. This will be part of the expanding "Fish Series"  & "Cabin Art"collections also. 

Salmon On Rocks

This Salmon was caught on the Missouri River on a beautiful October day. The contrast of the rocks and the colors of this majestic fish add to the drama of the image. This will be part of the expanding "Fish Series"  & "Cabin Art"collections.

Ice Queen

By February in Minnesota the winters are beginning to get long and cold has settled every in to wait for the thaw. This surreal painting started with the polar bear and ended up with a boat and queen on a horizon line going somewhere. This painting was just pure fun to create and definitely means different things to different people.