Friday, December 12, 2014

Midwest Summer Day

A beautiful summer day is the theme here and wondering what happened to the rest of the farm that once occupied this ground. This scene is depicted a lot in the midwest but the standing buildings are getting harder to find. They finally disintegrate into the prairie so its nice to find one still standing. Especially on a hot summer day worthy of exploring. This art is part of the Farm series featured on my website.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bighorn Touching The Sky

This painting titled "Bighorn Touching The Sky" shows a fantastic specimen of the brute force of nature. This painting is still being worked on but it is the first Bighorn sheep I have ever painted and I was excited to show it even though it has a way to go before completion.  

Photos were sent to me showing the rock formations and environment that these sheep inhabit by a hunter who is waiting for the first print of this painting. He knows all about the environment where these  magnificent animals can be found and has been a really big help to ensure that my details are accurate.

Prints will be available in the hunting and cabin art category on my website soon. If interested the 36" x 44" original will be available,  just email me: for pricing.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nye's Closing Art Print

When I heard the news that Nye's will be closing I could not believe that this legendary restaurant was soon to become part of Minneapolis history. This piece I did about Nye's is titled "What Just Happened In There?" and has been a popular piece.  This art has been featured in art shows and books and I think it's popularity is because of the quirky but local atmosphere that permeates Nye's. You know what I mean if you have been that any night after 8:00 PM.

 At any rate this 16"x24"piece is signed and  available and would be a great holiday gift to the restaurant aficionado by clicking on the "Art Prints For Sale" button on the ""home page and scrolling down to the "Legendary Restaurant Series Section". Or just click here for the link