Sunday, April 27, 2014

Veterans Sign Up.

Art That Raises Awareness and Recognizes Those Who Serve.
I was honored to have In the hallway of Farmington High School During Farmington’s Patriotic Day Celebration my 40” x 40” framed print of mine from the “Preamble Flag Series”. This painting is part of a series of historic American flag paintings that I created that feature parts of the preamble of the American Constitution.
Custom Fine Art Designed For The Event
Every Veteran that was at the Farmington event signed their name directly on the art print, although the first few were hesitant about marking up the art they soon got iinto it, while the local boy scout troops thank them personally, on the spot for their service to their country.

A Reminder To The Community
Now that the soldiers have each signed their name to the print this artwork will hang in the local government center where the community can see and read all the names of the soldiers who have and are serving their country from the Farmington community.

Get Involved
The event is a collaborative effort of the Farmington American Legion, Farmington Lions Club, Farmington Veterans of Foreign Wars, Farmington Warrior to Citizen Program and School District 192.

Make A Wish Get Involved

"River Front Tango" Art Raises Money For The "Make A Wish" Fundraiser
On April 12 of "Make A Wish" of Eastern Iowa held their annual fundraiser and I could not have been more happy to donate this piece of custom art to their cause. The piece called "River Front Tango"  features a couple doing one last early morning tango on the beautiful riverfront on the Mississippi river at Clinton. A barge slowly passes as it navigates the upcoming bridges in the distance while the light tower's is beginning to compete with the rays of a rising sun.
Unique Art For A Cause
The idea of coming up with a unique piece for this event was a lot of fun. The painting accomplished what I had hoped for and raised some needed money and awareness for kids and families having a rough time.
Get Involved
Barb Jacobson has lead the Clinton County branch of the "Make A Wish Foundation for the last 19 years. Call Joni McDonnel at 243-8213 to donate and make a difference.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The newest piece from the "Farm Series" is this one titled "Flying On A Tractor" I wanted to do a tractor with some character and I did not want to stick it in front of a barn. Like my "Ghost of the Prairie Series" there is something about an old machine rusting and forgotten in a field. Not to say this tractor is not still in use because if you grow up on the farm these old FarmAll tractors went on forever. The tractor needed something else to bring it to life so the final touch you see here is the result. I have some final touchups to this painting but the original and prints will be available soon.

This painting will have a poem to go with it as soon as I can find the time to  write it. While painting this one I thought a lot about how it will come together.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Cat In the Straw

This "Cat In The Straw" is the first in a new series that will depict all kinds of events, people, animals and farm stuff that are part of everyday farm life.  This will be a fun series and I intend to do twelve paintings in all.
This one depicts a Tabby cat in the barn that knows how to handle his area. You can tell by the look that he is all business and is reviewing the activities in the barn from his perch upon a bale of straw.

I also created a video to show the whole drawing/painting process it takes in creating this image. From initial sketch to finished acrylic painting this video uses time lapse so it only takes one minute to view the sketch process as well as the painting process.

This will soon be added to my website for sale along with the second of the series coming soon.

To view time lapse videos of this artwork, either follow this link, or scroll below for embedded videos.

Video 1: Concept Sketch

Video 2: Finished Painting

On Patrol

Well It has been a while writing on my blog but I am back to it for my new website so watch for weekly updates on new stuff and events.

This recent painting depicts a patrol in Vietnam moving out. I had this sketch for quiet some time and after talking to a veteran friend of mine who spent some time in Vietnam in 1968 I just decided to finally finish painting it. I have not done a military painting for a while and I intend to do more along this line as the year progresses.

Go to my website to see more new art.  Click on the link below and it will take you to the category on my web site "Working Class Hero's"  where you can order if interested in purchasing a 16x20 inch print.