Thursday, March 26, 2015

Coaches Collage

This is another custom piece for a coaches gift presented to the head coach after a successful season. It features all the varsity coaches co captains and manager of the Totino Grace football program. Fun piece to do. The finished pencil work measured 18 x 26". 

Lobby Art

This 40"x40" art is a custom piece for a corporate account that deals with accounting and business financials. Seems like time and numbers falling to the bottom line are what they are all about and this art was a fun way to reflect it.  This office also features beautiful earthy colors throughout and this art really brightens up the reception area. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Voyager Coming Back to Camp

Another Boundary Waters Painting that would look great on a cabin wall. A lot of reflections in this piece that catch all the beauty of sundown on the lake.This 16x20 artwork shows a voyager coming back to camp after a long day. Fur, traps, and provisions all ready to be unloaded with just enough daylight left to get ready for a good fire. Go to the category on my website titled "Cabin art" to purchase if interested.

Sunrise Sermon On The Farm

This 16×20 work shows a young women taking a moment to enjoy a stunning sunrise illuminating a barn and creating it’s own glass window drama. You can almost hear the accompanying early morning choirs of bird songs and soothing winds gently blowing over the awakening fields. If you know the farm you can appreciate this scene and what is happening in it. - If you would like to purchase a print follow the link:

On A Wing And A Wish

This is a new piece I created for the "Make A Wish Foundation" of Eastern Iowa titled "On a Wing And A Wish". This is the second year I have contributed to this great cause and I hope this years art generates some interest for the event. The castle behind here is at Eagle Point Park in Clinton Iowa. It was  built in the 1930's and has a commanding view of the Mississippi River down below. If you would like prints of this art just follow the link to my site.