Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vince Lombardi Poster

To follow up the earlier artwork with another quote from Lombardi was irresistible. I wanted something that every business owner, coach, and fan of football would like and how do you argue with this speech from Vince Lombardi on what it takes to be number one.

I am not sure where or who he gave this speech to originally but I think it was to newsmen asking questions on how does he keep his teams winning? What is the secret? I think Mr. Lombardi pretty well sums up winning with this reply that is part of my art work.

$50.00 and you can own this work, signed & numbered.
This work is available as a signed limited edition canvas giclee print . It measures 7"x18" (image area) and will retail for $50.00. That includes mailing. Contact: steve@bergerfinearts.com and leave your contact information to get one of these collector prints.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Viince Lombardi Color Painting

After watching the Packers play in last weeks playoff game I wanted to finish this painting which I started some time ago. I was doing this painting at the same time of the black and white version I did for the celebrity series of paintings posted on my blog last year. Lombardi and his quotes are synonymous with football excellence and the Super Bowl so here is my salute to the Green Bay Packers and their quest for another Super Bowl and the Lombardi Trophy.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Green Mountain Boys Flag

Recently I had a request for information about the Green Mountain Boys Flag I had painted earlier. See my blog post (July of 2009) for a look at that flag.

I have wanted to repaint that flag for some time and finally did a watercolor study for a new painting and showed it to some one who was in my studio at the time to see what they thought. After some discussion I felt that this painting was ready for a new look and set up to paint the new image on canvas after the watercolor study was refined.

Before I completed the final new acrylic painting the watercolor study was purchased. I usually wait until I am done with the final painting before I sell my reference work but they could not wait, they had to have it immediately and purchased the study.

The new Green Mountain Boys Flag original acrylic painting dimensions are 32"x19" so a limited number of signed Giclee prints are now available of this painting at an image size of 16"x 9.5" printed on canvas for $75.00 each.

If you do not know who the Green Mountain Boys are and what the connection between Ethan Allen, Seth Warner and Benedict Arnold was look at that previous blog of my (July 2009) for a brief background picture of the interesting character's behind the flag.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cartoon Messaging

A new year is here. I wanted to show some recent cartoons and how companies and individuals are using cartoons to tell their story.

If you have a message you wish to convey quickly and with a smile cartoons are a fantastic way to accomplish both. I have used cartoons in plenty of companies branding efforts (Aflac Insurance, General Mills, Once Upon A Child Retail Stores, Heartland, etc,) because they are so darned effective. If they are done right they will be kept in front of and continue to message to a targeted audience long past the initial delivery. I know of some cases and I am sure you have seen at one time or another a framed cartoon in a office or on someone's desk years after they recieved it.

At any rate besides fine art I have done a lot of cartooning over the years for publishers and companies that want to send a brand specific message. If you need something specific contact me at steve@bergerfinearts.com