Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Here is a new painting that will be part of the "Farm Series". It is not quite, but just about done. I still have a few hours left in it, but I wanted to post it anyway.  This colorful summer time piece original measures 24x 30" and features a girl in a field picking flowers with the ever present flying  terror of the fields hovering nearby. Is the bee zooming in on her arm or the batch of flowers she is holding? We will know soon enough. If interested in a signed print go to my website under the "Farm Series" Category or just hit this link: .http://bergerfinearts.com/products-page/farm-series/ If interested in the original just email me; steve@bergerfinearts.com.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reaching Out

This painting does not really fit into any category but it was just something I had half finished for some time. I plan on doing a few more of thes "Surreal" type paintings so watch this blog and I will post as I finish. This one is titled "Hand Reaching Out To Boat" and if you are interested in purchasing 16x20" signed Giclee of this dream like print, go to the category on my website titled "New Art Prints For Sale". Make sure you scroll down it will be the last one in the category.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Determined To Lead

A new painting for the farm series is a study of determination. It shows a young girl leading a pair of draft horses through a field. The plow behind them is unattended but it matters little to this group. judging by the clouds on the horizon a storm is either coming or has just passed so it's anyone's guess on just exactly what led up to what is going on in this scene. This signed 16x20 Giclee print is now available and so is the original painting.

If you would like to purchase either look under the "Farm Series" in the category section on my home page.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lake Harriett and Linden Hills Trolley Painting

If you want to enjoy Minneapolis you must go to Lake Harriet for a walk around the lake. This piece of art shows the Lake Harriett trolley on a typical summer day. This wonderful area in Linden Hills shows despite the winters what makes living in Minnesota worthwhile, especially in the summer. You can walk from the trolley to the bandshell by the lakein a minute and enjoy a concert watch sail boats on the lake swim, fish, etc. It's summer enjoy it while you can.

This art is now available in a 18"x18" signed giclee print for 160.00. In the Minnesota Landmark Category or new art category. If interested in the original email: steve@bergerfinearts.com.