Thursday, December 8, 2011

Britt's Pub In Minneapolis

Britt's Pub in downtown Minneapolis is a great place to kick back and have a cool one. Around the holidays its perfect for a good warm up before going next door to listen to the Minnesota Orchestra. A great eclectic mix of patrons and just a fun place to go. Which brings me to the subject matter in this painting. Though it wss fun doing reflections in the windows in the process I wanted something "English" and I did not want to paint someone holding a beer out front. I came up with a redhead in old English attire holding a strange gun. I am not sure for all the reasons and I messed around with some other subject but this is what finally worked for me and seems to fit the rest of the restaurant series.

This original measures 24"x 24". Signed Giclee prints are available at 22"x22" for $150.00 each. Email if interested in a print.

Boing B17 Art

This painting was one that has been sitting on my table for over a year. I just had to finish it so I can move on and get it out of my studio. The original depicts a real plane that was shot up over Berlin but made it home. The number on the tail tells a story. The originalpainting measures about 42" x 32". Signed Giclee prints are available at a 24"x22" size for $125.00 each. If interested write and leave your contact information.

Templeton Rye Art

Here is a new piece that combines a little bit of everything type, people, and wildlife. If you never have had the pleasure to enjoy a fantastic rye whiskey you owe it to yourself to to have a shot of Templeton Rye. The only problem is finding it. It seems to come out in small batches and if you are lucky enough to find it buy it, never mind the expense it is worth every sip of the extra cost. At any rate a fun painting to do.

Cadillac Art

Another painting that falls in the classic car art the Cadillac emblem. This was a fun piece to paint and I think it fits in well with the expanding series.

I wanted to use a bold color in combination with the icon in a worn type of background. A 22"x22' giclee print on canvas of this piece of art will be sold for $125.00 each. Email to place an order.