Friday, August 28, 2009

The State of Texas Art

I have been producing state flags and I was doing a watercolor study for a larger acrylic painting of the state of Texas flag. I was trying something a little different by adding some other elements to the art rather than just the flag.

I am still not sure about doing it for every state but it does add a little something to the painting. I still like making watercolors too so if anyone is interested in purchasing this art contact me at

U.S. Constitution Art

It was time to stretch my calligraphic skills again and I wanted to do something with the preamble to the U.S. Constitution which I have included in my Historic U.S. Flag series.

My goal was to use type as part of the design to represent a waving flag and keep it interesting enough with the combination of type styles to be fun and beautiful to look at.

This is another watercolor which measures 11x17. I plan on making this into a 4'x4' acrylic painting to accompany the rest of the US Flag series.

If you are interested in this painting email me at and I will gladly make you a Giclee or watercolor print.

St Mary's Logo

I recently went home to my high school reunion and enjoyed the company of a lot people who I have not seen in a long time. People and places all change and we laughed and talked about the changes in our lives since we were last together. It made the evening a lot of fun.

I did notice that every five years or so when I come back for a reunion that buildings that I thought would be there long after I was gone are disappearing.

First it was St. Mary's grade school, then they the St. Mary's High School was demolished and finally this year it was St. Mary's Church. The church I believe was built in the early part of the century. With it being gone there is nothing left to even recognize that St.Mary's school or parish ever existed. Its all in our memories now and they too will fade.

At any rate I thought I would make a painting to at least keep some of the memories fresh and to remind others who never knew about St. Mary's that the school existed and the events that happened there shaped a lot of kids for a lot of years. Enough said.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Aviation Art Hangar Displays Steve Berger's US Flag Series

I recently joined the home of Aviation Art Hangar's Gallery of world renowned aviation artists. You will find my work under the new category of "Other Military and Patriotic Art" I am very excited to be a part of this gallery's selections.

Aviation Art Hangar is based out of Columbia Maryland and the owner is an aviation enthusiast and a pilot for life. The owner hand selects artists and artwork with customer satisfaction paramount in all the gallery's selection offerings.

This is a first class operation and I am very proud to have my work displayed with world renown aviation artists like Robert Taylor, Stan Stokes, John Shaw, Robert Baily, Phillip West, William Phillips and dozen of others.

Go to Art Hangar at and you will see quite a collection of the finest aviation art found anywhere. You will also see some flags their too.

Marine Semper Fi Art Print

There has been a tremendous amount of interest in this image since I originally posted it and I finally wanted to get it posted and priced.

This limited edition Giclee print (100 prints) is is ready to frame. The powerful image is a unique piece of Marine Corp art.

Each print is hand signed and numbered and measures 13"x25.5" and is
priced at $350.00.

Email orders at with your contact information including email address and phone number where you can be reached.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Alamo Flag

Wow, I did not know what I was going to uncover when doing the research for this flag. This painting depicts the Alamo flag. Or is it? For well over 150 years, popular culture has placed the 1824 Flag flying from the walls of the Alamo during those fateful thirteen days when a handful of determined men stood before the might of the Mexican army and shouted "Liberty or Death." The idea that the defenders of the Alamo flew the 1824 Flag is rooted solely in the belief that the defenders were fighting for the restoration of the Mexican Constitution of 1824. That belief and all conjecture that flows from it, are unfounded. Indeed, the idea that the defenders would have considered flying the 1824 Flag from the walls of their fortress is, at the very least, far fetched and, at the most, demeaning to their cause and their memory. This flag existed no doubt but there is no empirical evidence to prove that the green, white and red tricolor with the black numerals 1824 supplanting the central Mexican eagle was ever used at the Alamo.

The flag was not captured and preserved by the victors nor recorded in the military accounts of the day. Though there were accounts by Texans of it being captured from the Mexican army months after the fall of the Alamo at a later battle. The few people who survived the battle were never asked about the flags the Texans flew. Those citizens of BĂ©xar who were asked about the subject were questioned some seventy years after the fact and gave answers that are open to very broad interpretations. That leaves only the desire to restore the Mexican Constitution of 1824 to bear the full weight of evidence for the idea that the Alamo defenders would fly the 1824 Flag. So what to believe is up to you and the historical record.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Terry James Art Showing Steve Berger's Flag Art

Terry James Art Gallery in Oxford Connetticut announced that they are showing my work in their gallery and on their website. Owned and operated by James and Terry Tottenham since 1987. Their Featured Artists include Don Troiani and Terry Waldron. If you love history you will absolutely love the art at this site. The Gallery is a showcase for historical art.

It is a real honor to be included with this wonderful gallery and this group of talented artists.

Visit their website address at and you will see what I mean. For now my work is listed under featured artists section at their home page.

I can not say it loud enough. Thank you Jim and Terry for including my work in your gallery. I hope all my friends visit you and keep coming back to and visit the blog section listed on my home page to see my current work.