Sunday, June 13, 2010

Custer's Last Signal at The Little Big Horn Valley

This is the final painting in the Little Big Horn series. This painting shows General Custer and Scouts signaling his commanders to follow him into the Bighorn valley. Note the one scout has buckskin trousers on and Custer is also wearing buckskin. According to eyewitness reports on finding the remains at the site soon after the battle Custer was found with all his clothes intact and wearing the buckskin jacket shown here and shot two times both wounds were deemed fatal. According to Chief Crazy Horse who was eyewitness to the event when General Custer was shot for the final time as he fell he laughed. Makes you wonder what the general was thinking about at the end of the battle. It took roughly forty minutes for Custer to have his command annihilated. The rest of his force under the command of officers Reno and Benteen would fight for the next two days before being relieved by reinforcements. This painting is available in prints and original image size is roughly 20" x 36" . Full size Giclee prints on canvas are available for $250.00. Contact for orders.

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