Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1987 Twins World Series Painting

As the Twins make their way to the playoffs (I hope) I was reminded of the 1987 Twins team that won the world series and how important Kirby Puckett was to that team.

I found my old tickets and looked at the cover of the program for that World Series held in the Metro dome and thought wouldn't it be neat to put Kirby with his hand held high showing that the Twins won the 1987 series and that team finally brought a world championship to the Twin Cities.

What I wanted to do was to create a painting that combines the images from the program cover the 1987 World Series logo and Kirby showing the Twins won the 1987 series. Here is the painting as it stands now and I might add this photo to the right does not do the colors in the original justice but I do feel the painting captures the electricity and emotion that was part of that memorable series between the Twins and the St. Louis Cardinals.

A limited edition of 100 signed Giclee prints are available for $150 each. The original art measures 17" wide by 22" and is also for sale. Contact: steve@bergerfinearts.com for size considerations, payment termas and delivery information.


  1. Are you sure those are your ticket stubs? I am missing mine from that very same game...

  2. I am sure they are my tickets. They still have mustard all over them.

  3. Possibly they are from Fullerton? Either way your painting is still wonderful and you have fine tuned your methods. Lovely. VS

  4. If you are interested in a print of this painting please let me know what size (steve@bergerfinearts.com) and I will get back to you with a quote.