Friday, August 28, 2009

St Mary's Logo

I recently went home to my high school reunion and enjoyed the company of a lot people who I have not seen in a long time. People and places all change and we laughed and talked about the changes in our lives since we were last together. It made the evening a lot of fun.

I did notice that every five years or so when I come back for a reunion that buildings that I thought would be there long after I was gone are disappearing.

First it was St. Mary's grade school, then they the St. Mary's High School was demolished and finally this year it was St. Mary's Church. The church I believe was built in the early part of the century. With it being gone there is nothing left to even recognize that St.Mary's school or parish ever existed. Its all in our memories now and they too will fade.

At any rate I thought I would make a painting to at least keep some of the memories fresh and to remind others who never knew about St. Mary's that the school existed and the events that happened there shaped a lot of kids for a lot of years. Enough said.

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